Jeremy Pudlowski

    Graphic Designer


2012 - 2016

A series of typefaces I've created over the past 4 years. Each is designed for a specific purpose.

Westerish is a old style display typeface inspired by old western movies. The font is meant to be used in titles, logos and graphics.

Uncle Jer is a typeface derived from my handwriting. I found myself wanting to hand letter more posters and using an organic typeface lends itself to the texture of my compositions.

Zord is a modern, condensed, serif face. This typeface is optimal for titles and headings. It also works well as poster or print type.

Yus is a font that is meant to be used as big and bold as possible. It works well on posters with big titles.

You can purchase these typefaces on my Creative Market.

contact: hey@pudlowski.ca

hey@pudlowski.ca Edmonton, AB, CANADA Graphic Design

hey@pudlowski.ca Edmonton, AB, CANADA