Born Ruffians


Festival Poster Design / Taste of Edmonton / 2016

I designed a series of festival posters for the 2016 line-up at Taste of Edmonton, a renowned culinary event celebrating the diverse food offerings in our community. Drawing in the downtown crowd and food enthusiasts from all over, Taste of Edmonton has evolved into the largest food festival in Canada.

The festival posters feature a cityscape inspired by the Churchill Square skyline, where various buildings are cleverly represented by different types of food. The vibrant and lively atmosphere of the event is portrayed through the presence of “Foodies” enjoying the festivities at Taste of Edmonton.

In addition, I created a separate piece for Vancouver indie-rockers “Born Ruffians,” directing viewers to check out their music at their official website.

Through these designs, I aimed to capture the essence of the festival, enticing the audience with a visual representation of the mouthwatering food, lively atmosphere, and the diverse range of culinary experiences that Taste of Edmonton has to offer.