I Am Machi


Branding / 2016

Brand design for Edmonton based alternative-rock duo, I Am Machi.

Since marrying in 2010 and starting the band in 2012, I Am Machi have been striving to create as much of a big rock band sound as they can while still maintaining minimalistic instrumentation.  Drums, guitars, various other loud noises, and each other are all these two best pals have in order to take on the day-to-day and its highs and lows.  Their live performance is fun and awkward.  “Fawkward,”  they call it. With Nathan on guitars, Jileane on drums, and both sharing vocal duties, I Am Machi strives to find beauty in desolate places.  They write songs about their own valley floors and mountain tops.  They work hard doing what they love.

The mark is a refined version of their gnome mascot. The idea was to create a flexible logo that they would be able to easily implement across multiple mediums and formats.

You can check out their tunes at http://www.iammachi.com/

contact: hey@pudlowski.ca