I Am Machi


Branding / 2016

I had the pleasure of designing the brand identity for I Am Machi, an Edmonton-based alternative-rock duo. Since their inception in 2012, the band, comprised of best friends who married in 2010, has aimed to create a powerful rock sound while maintaining minimalistic instrumentation. With drums, guitars, and their close bond, they navigate the highs and lows of everyday life.

I Am Machi’s live performances are characterized by a unique blend of fun and awkwardness, which they affectionately refer to as “Fawkward.” Nathan handles guitars, Jileane takes charge of the drums, and both share vocal duties. Their music seeks to find beauty in desolate places, drawing inspiration from their own valleys and mountaintops. They pour their hearts into their craft, passionately pursuing what they love.

For their brand design, I refined their gnome mascot, creating a versatile logo that could be easily implemented across various mediums and formats. The goal was to provide them with a flexible visual identity that captures their essence.

To listen to their tunes and experience the unique sound of I Am Machi, visit their website at http://www.iammachi.com/.

contact: hey@pudlowski.ca