The Gear Seabastian


Gig Poster Design / Mercury Room / 2015

A poster created for northern Alberta based indie, folk duo “The Gear Seabastian.” The poster is a reflection of their deep relationship to the earth and nature.  Lead singer Andrew Tkach says “I am always inspired when I see rain clouds coming my way. Because that’s where life came from it’s all a cycle you know.”

The mountain represents nature. The shark represents the thoughtful and serious undertones of The Gear Seabastian’s songs. It’s a reflection of the impactful sound made by two brothers passionate about creating a dialogue of what the know is important. Andrew Tkach touches on subjects like mental health, humanity, acceptance and love.

You can stream their music on Bandcamp

Gig Poster Design / Bohemia / 2015

Design to be bold, satirical and reflect the duos profound connection to nature and the world. The graphic represents a reverse role. The contrasting colours bring extra vibrancy to the print, drawing your eye to the graphic and then the smaller secondary information.

The poster was prepped for a 2 colour screen print with overprint effects.