The Gear Seabastian


Gig Poster Design / Mercury Room / 2015

I designed a captivating poster for the indie folk duo “The Gear Sebastian,” hailing from northern Alberta. The poster beautifully reflects their profound connection to the earth and nature, a theme central to their music. Lead singer Andrew Tkach shares his inspiration, stating his fascination with rain clouds and the cycle of life they represent.

The poster incorporates symbolic elements: a mountain representing the beauty of nature and a shark representing the thoughtful and serious undertones found within The Gear Sebastian’s songs. It serves as a visual representation of the duo’s impactful sound and their dedication to engaging in meaningful conversations about subjects like mental health, humanity, acceptance, and love.

To experience their music, you can stream it on Bandcamp, where you’ll discover the unique and heartfelt compositions of these two talented brothers.

Gig Poster Design / Bohemia / 2015

Design to be bold, satirical and reflect the duos profound connection to nature and the world. The graphic represents a reverse role. The contrasting colours bring extra vibrancy to the print, drawing your eye to the graphic and then the smaller secondary information.

The poster was prepped for a 2 colour screen print with overprint effects.