We Dare You


Art Direction / Summer 2019

In this captivating issue, The Yard’s beckons you to embark on an adventurous exploration of the beating heart of your city, right here in the core. From indulging in delectable ice cream to delving into captivating historical tales and discovering the joys of late-night dining, we have curated a collection of experiences that will ignite your curiosity. Furthermore, we feature the inspiring story of Marc Workman, a blind disability advocate who shares his unique perspective on Oliver and sheds light on how his neighborhood perceives him. Alongside these narratives, we have incorporated dynamic digital collages and thought-provoking photo mash-ups, adding an artistic dimension that enhances the storytelling. Be sure to delve into the latest updates on the CNIB building, downtown City Market, and a comprehensive list of exciting events taking place this summer.

contact: hey@pudlowski.ca